How To Find The Best Locksmith In Los Angeles

If you end up being locked out of your business or residence, it can actually feel like the end of the world. You can hardly believe your misfortune and that you now need the immediate assistance of a locksmiths in Los Angeles. While it can be tempting to call the first locksmith you find, this is not always the best solution and definitely not the best approach to finding the best locksmith in Los Angeles.

At A & J Lock & Key, we understand that finding a trusted locksmith is much harder than it seems. Whether you’re looking for simple lock rekeying or need a custom master key system for your business or commercial property, our locksmith company will go above and beyond expectations to meet your needs. It’s vital to do your research before choosing a locksmith as there are plenty of locksmiths that are either flat out scam artists or just not as qualified as they want you to believe they are. If you’re in search of a locksmith, we believe that there are several factors that you should look into before making your choice.  

Without doing some homework for finding your locksmith first, you may end up being preyed upon by an unscrupulous locksmith due to the time sensitive position you’re in. It is suggested you use these tips to help you find a locksmith that's qualified so that you may avoid the potential horrors others have gone though:

Check Their Background

Researching the locksmiths based in LA in advance can can help you avoid selecting one hastily just because you are in a jam. You should try to discover as much about them as you can and ensure they have got positive reviews on websites you can trust. After all, you are entrusting your locks and keys to an individual you don't know and have got to be sure that you can trust them.


Locksmithing is a specialized craft that requires an immense knowledge of many different tools, technologies, and techniques. When a locksmith has certification, you can rest assured that they’ve received the training, skills, and education that’s necessary to perform any locksmithing task at the highest level. They should be knowledgeable about various keys and how security systems work. You want to be able to rely on them to help you gain access to your home or business without damaging your locks in the process. Be sure to ask your locksmith about their experience before you hire them. We’re proud to say that our team is comprised of certified locksmiths that are capable of handling any task related to your safety and security.

Check for Current Insurance

In certain situations, damage can occur to your home or business during a lockpick job or after security solutions are installed. In addition to having a license, current insurance is an important thing to check for before hiring a locksmith. An insured locksmith is able to provide proof of insurance and, should damage occur to your property, offers coverage that protects both you and their company.

Find Out Their Availability

 if you need immediate service, you can't wait until the next morning for locksmiths in Los Angeles to arrive. Verify the hours of the locksmith you wish to have to hire and look for someone that has 24/7 availability so that you can ensure they'll be there when you want them the most. A 9-to-5 business won't fit your needs, since you can’t predict when you will be finding yourself locked out of your house or business.


The most important qualities that you can find in a locksmith are honesty and trustworthiness. Unfortunately, there are quite a few locksmiths that use shady tactics to overcharge you. At A & J Lock & Key, we’re upfront with our pricing and we’re glad to keep an open line of communication with you to make sure that you’re always informed and well-aware when it comes to your security situation and the related costs of the work we’ll need to perform.

Confirm Their Response Time

You will want to have a locksmith that can get to you swiftly. You are advised to choose a locksmith company nearby and find out how they dispatch their personnel. They should send the closest person to you and that person should probably arrive within 30 minutes or less.

Verify Their Services

Locating locksmiths in Los Angeles that offer the entire services you want is important, as you would hate to find out they don’t provide car access when that's what you want. Find out all the services that your locksmith offers and make sure they cover both your house or your business, as these are what you will most likely get locked out of.

Check the Service Cost

Once you prepare the list of top and best locksmiths in your locality, contact them to know about the service charges. Hiring a certified locksmith can be a smart choice to avoid unwanted expenses in case of lock break. These professionals are licensed and the whole charges may be paid by the insurance company if the door lock becomes non-functional during the repair or rekey process. Ask if there are any special discounts available for the services of the home or business door lock. Ask the following questions before you make final decision:

  • What are the labor charges? Are they subject to change during after hours, weekends or during the public holidays?
  • How much will the locks cost? Ask for confirmation through text or email.
  • Do they charge a service free?

Making use of these tips can aid you in finding certified locksmiths in Los Angeles that may assist you when you get locked out. For fast service, contact A & J Lock & Key. We will come to you and help you get entry into your home or business in the event you’ve been locked out.

Nov 11, 2018 By admin