How To Save Money On Commercial Security Locks In Los Angeles

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Our Tips On Saving Money On Commercial Security Locks

We realize that installing commercial safety locks for a whole building can be frustrating and expensive. However, we urge you to have commercial safety locks for the purpose of creating a safe and secure environment for yourself and your employees. Despite the fact that commercial security locks may be expensive, at A & J Lock & Key, we believe that all commercial and business properties have to have protective security locks, so listed below are the numerous methods our specialists suggest you follow on saving money on commercial wecurity locks in Los Angeles.

Rekeying Your Locks

Changing each one of your locks round your building can also be tiring, unnecessary, and a little bit of trouble which is why that you may want to rekey your locks. When rekeying your lock, you exchange the old lock pins with new lock pins. This is possibly one in all your best options when saving money and reestablishing security for your property or building. It's more idealistic, more cost effective, and time-effective for you rekey your locks than replacing them thoroughly and reinstalling new safety locks.

Layering Security

Depending on the layout of your building, it might not make sense to focus all of your security budget on your doors. Layering security is a great way to potentially save money on your storefront door locks by using a variety of methods to achieve more than security. For example, something like a security camera can potentially discourage theft and vandalism, but also document issues and give you insight into the threats your business is facing.

Specific purchase of Commercial Locks

Some property or business owners tend to mix up locks for residential use with the locks used for commercial purposes. In hindsight, shopping specifically for commercial locks will save more money for the business considering they're solely used for properties and businesses because of their design. Specialized commercial locks are supposed to withstand extra uses, such as key turns and rotations, than a residential lock would. Through buying these commercial locks, it allows the business to save money and have the locks fully functioning for an extended time than residential locks.


Different than rekeying, you can also repin a lock. This method can be used to save money on replacing a lock if the reason for its decreased functionality (or even lack of functionality) is due to worn pins. When the pins wear down keys will stop working, as the key will no longer elevate the pins properly. This type of issue is rather difficult to diagnose without some trial and error, but if a lock is particularly old and many keys have worn out, this could be an issue you are experiencing.


Like every other room in your house, building, or property, having a certified man or woman to come ensure there are no problems in different areas. By keeping up with getting maintenance checks with the locks on your property, you can be able to save a lot of money, decrease the need for future repairs, and ensure your full safety for as long as there are no problems during the maintenance check. Having a professional come in to analyze the way the locks work properly, keeps your property safe guaranteed.

One of the simplest methods of maintaining a lock is by using some lubricant in the keyway, latches, bolts, and even occasionally lubricating the bolt work. This helps reduce the friction as the polish on components begins to wear off. There is a lot of metal that needs to grind against other metal in order for a lock to function. The smoother these interactions are, the less that grinding is damaging the materials involved.

Brand Awareness

Knowing about the various available products, and the reputations of their manufacturers help you see through the false inducements and high prices that are meant to inspire confidence. Knowing the market helps to save money by knowing what is not worth investing in. Just because something is a trusted door lock brand does not mean that it is a good security product. Not everyone is aware that there are some notoriously low-quality security brands.

There are also some products that are advertised by certain news publications as secure when they have very widely recognized as having severe exploits. Reviews on online sites are not reliable to learn about security flaws. You need the insight of people who actively work on testing the protections these manufacturers and their products offer. A good reputation among the purchasers of these locks does not mean the products are worth the amount of money they are claiming to be worth.

Having to reinstall or change the locks to your property and if you’re in need of commercial wecurity locks in Los Angeles our team here at A & J Lock & Key, is committed to providing you with the best possible service. Please feel free to call our professionals to take care of any security lock service you may need! We look forward to talking with you.

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