Residential Locksmith Services

                               A & J Lock & Key Residential Locksmith Services

At A & J Lock & Key we have the superb workmanship when it comes to Residential Locksmith services here in Los Angeles. Are you searching for a way to make your house safer? As with everyone, we all want to feel safe and secure while at home and away from it.

Anytime you need to enhance the security to your home doors, contact Abe's Lock and Key. We are available 24/7, with experienced technical teams ready to serve you. Our security and locks service is first rate and unbeatable. We at A & J Lock & Key offer the following services

New Locks Installation

In an event the place you might encounter a jammed lock or you without difficulty need change your locks, we would be glad to provide this service. The truth is that with time the locks in your home will develop faults as they age.

You might also want to have the state-of-the-art lock design to your house doors. Anytime you need the services Residential Locksmith help install new locks, just call us and we will assist you.

Residence Lockout

Have you ever experienced an apartment lockout? This is perhaps as a result of a damaged key that can’t open your door. Or maybe, you by chance misplaced the key to your house. It is a frustrating incident, and hence you're going to need urgent help. Just contact us at A & J Lock & Key and we will be at your doorstep to assist you at any time!

We also offer the following Residential services:

  • Home security system installation
  • Setting up CCTV cameras in your home
  • New lock installation
  • Rekey services
  • Upgrading and repairing home security systems
  • Mailbox lock installation
  • Home lockout services
  • Home safe installation and many more

Entry Door Locks

ence security begins at your entry door. As a consequence, you can not compromise the quality of your locks. Also, you need the services of a qualified Residential Locksmith Service Provider who will deliver excellent service in record time. For this reason, contact A & J Lock & Key who has a historyt of excellence in terms of entry door locks.

More Services we Offer:

Rekey Service

Our rekey service is 24/7 so when you need to change your keys in the middle of the night perhaps due to a burglary, you can call us and we will be able to be there to help.

Mailbox Lockout

Were you expecting anyone to send you an important piece of mail but all of the sudden that you can't seem to open your mailbox to assess it? This is a very frustrating incident. Any time this happens, it's imperative that you seek the aid of a certified Locksmith within your area. A & J Lock & Key will deliver superb service that is guaranteed to grant you access your mailbox again.

Security Analysis

A & J Lock And Key has been around for a long time and we’ve seen it all. We can provide you with security analysis so that you can determine how best to secure your house, we are also able to show you all the weaknesses and strengths in your current security system. We are able to also make recommendations on how to tackle these weaknesses and how to update your current security system.

Window Locks Fixing And Repair

Another thing to consider when home security comes to mind is the window locks. Have you checked your window lock lately? Do the lock want need repair or replacement? If you would like any of these services, call A & J Lock & Key For fine work in your area.

Garage Door Locks

Your garage requires top security too. For that reason, it's imperative that you check the locks to be certain they are serving their purpose and are functioning as they should. Each time you need the garage door locks changed or repaired, contact Abe's Lock and Key.

The Benefits of our Service At Abe's Lock and Key

Now that you already know about our locksmith services, you might be wondering why you should come to us. Well, here are some of the reasons why we are simply the best.

1. We Are Always Available: Call us anytime and we will be glad to serve you. This includes daytime and nighttime. Our lines are always open and our team is on standby to serve you at a moment’s notice.

2. Qualified and Experienced Technicians: we will never let you down when it comes to quality locksmith services. Our technicians undergo thorough training to ensure excellent delivery to you. Therefore, you can count on us for excellence when it comes to any of the above services.

3. We offer the best Customer Service: Our team is well trained on how to handle clients. We also make sure that our customers smile before and after we offer our services. Come to us and you will never forget the experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Am I Able to Contact You On The Weekends?

We're a 24/7 Residential Locksmith delivery service. We at all times strive to ensure that our old and new customers obtain our services any time they want. Therefore you can contact us for our services at any time of the day.

2. If My Window Lock is Jammed What Should I Do?

Contact A & J Lock & Key immediately for our top-notch services. We're a respected and skilled locksmith service provider and we will respond as soon as you contact us.

3. I misplaced The key To My House. How long Do I Have To wait For your Technician?

We are sorry for what happened, and thank you for contacting us. If you  haven’t contacted us yet, please do so as soon as you can and give us directions to your home. We are always ready to serve our customers and thus a technician will quickly be at your doorstep.

So, any time you're looking for a Residential service provider that has the guts to come out to meet you when no one else will, contact us and we will be glad to serve you. Our crew of experts are fully equipped and waiting to talk to you. If you are looking for a Locksmith near you? Call us now!

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